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Subterranean Termite Treatment

Termites don't mess around when it comes to eating your house, so we don't mess around when it comes to treating it. We treat all termite infested homes with Termidor and in accordance with the label. Termidor barrier treatments are far superior and longer lasting than any other method. Once Termidor has been placed in the soil around/under your structure it will last for 10 YEARS. 

Pre-Construction Termite Treatment

Treating your home or business before it is built is the best way to ensure proper treatment of the structure. If you are building, don't forget to call us and we would be happy to work with your builder and make sure your home or business is termite free for many years to come. 

Post-Construction Termite Treatment

Whether you have termites or not, treating your structure with a barrier Termidor treatment is a great idea. Not only does it completely eliminate existing termite populations, but it also prevents future infestations for 10 YEARS. This treatment includes treating the soil around the slab of the structure, and also under the structure around pipe penetrations. By treating every possible entry point into the structure we can guarantee termite colony elimination and/or prevention. 


Q: Does this treatment damage the landscaping around my house?

A: The Termidor label allows for us to treat the soil with a rodding technique around sensitive areas of the house where you might be concerned with us damaging trees/vines/bushes etc. We make it one of our primary goals to ensure that we leave the smallest footprint possible. 

Q: How long does it take for this treatment to be performed?

A: Usually, not longer than one day

Q: Will this treatment harm me or my pets?

A: To get the best answer for this question, we recommend consulting the material safety data sheets of Termidor which can be found online. However, the active ingredient in Termidor is a very common compound (Fipronil) and is used on animals' and even kids' hair for flea and lice control. Since the application is in the soil, exposure to humans or pets is very limited. 

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